Chinese Tweezers by Mario Lopez and Tango Magic Review 评价

Chinese Tweezers by Mario Lopez

Quality of the Tutorial:

The tutorial itself doesn’t last very long (about 10 min), and could be MORE DETAILED. However, the main aspects of the routine are covered, and he even went through a method to get into the setup of the effect while taking out the tweezers and coin.

Gimmick Examinability:

Overall completely gimmick free, everything is examinable at the end.


The whole routine is done with PURELY sleight of hand. Be prepared some practice.


For angles I would say it’s about 180 degrees, but from the trailer it seems that Mario Lopez is able to perform it 360. Probably means if you are good enough a coin guy you’d be able to control the angles well enough to perform it surrounded 360 degrees, or it could just be that the audience were far away enough from him in the trailer.

Type of audience:

It definitely works for ASIAN audience as the effect is visual, quick, and unexpected, provided that you can execute the sleights efficiently.

Type of Magician:

I don’t think taking a tweezer and performing with it may work for a corporate magician. The audience may think you have too much body hair. Yike.


There is something you need to consider before buying. Are you really going to start whipping out a tweezer for your show? (depending on your style) For 49.95, you get the tutorial video and a tweezer and a Chinese coin… Well, I wouldn’t say it is of the best quality, but it definitely saves you the time of going out to find the tweezer that can fit the hole of your Chinese coin at home. However, it is a bit overpriced for the effect……I would say that 20-30 dollars would be a much better deal.

Sum up:

Overall I’ll rate it 3.5/5 for difficulty and 2/5 for the price worth. If you aren’t planning to open with this effect (which I think is a good way to get into your coin routines) then the pocket management could be a bit of a problem.